When Style Meets Sustainability

Who says you need to compromise your style to implement sustainability? When Carolina Tombolesi discovered a unique paper fabric that could be repeatedly washed and used, she began creating the beautiful brand we now know as Urbana Sacs. Each lifestyle and home accent product is handcrafted from washable paper that is harvested through cultivation, not deforestation. And since it can be dipped in water, it can also be shaped and reused for optimal styling. We also love that this sustainable gift employs local labor sources.

These stylish, eco-friendly gifts can be perfect for the person in your life who loves being fashion-forward while also caring for the environment. The zipper sacs from Urbana come in gorgeous metallic colors including black, blue, gold, silver, and rose pink. We love that they can be the perfect size to use as a clutch for going out, a travel bag for your go-to toiletries, or even your everyday makeup bag.

Though we shouldn’t pick favorites, this brand partner is a gift we think your loved ones will adore. 😉


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