Planting the seeds for a great gift.

You’re an avid cook and eater, so why not grow your own?

Surprisily has partnered with Modern Sprout to make horticulture cool again. Self-watering, simple, grow kits- created by two green-thumbed women whose dreams of cultivation were crushed by their tiny urban apartments- until now. With your Modern Sprout kit, you can reach within and see the literal fruits of your labor- without any of the actual labor. Grow your victory garden! Your kitchen counter is now your conservatory! Just add water.

Surprisily will curate a grow-your-own kit specific to your giftee’s interests – like a cocktail herb kit for the party animal, or a tea accompaniments set for that solid, reliable friend. You get the idea.

For a $25 LIKE gift, this will be the gift that keeps on giving.