A new year – A time for new adventures…

for me, François. Your fabulous, gift giving EXTRAORDINAIRE.

I must admit, I love giving gifts, and I’ve never given someone a gift they didn’t love (I am French, after all.) I will be globetrotting to find only THE best, curated gifts to share with all of you. The pieces I discover won’t just be ordinary (dare I say a gift card). No, my gifts will be unique. I will find the artisans who seek to make the world a nicer and better place, because those that care create the best things! The gifts I discover will tell a story, and leave a social impact that creates opportunity for them, and memories for all.

I am excited to continue my commission. Traveling in style is not a particularly bad job 😉

Follow my journey @surprisily— 2019 will be one hell of a ride.

PS- tell them I sent you. Name drop with promo code ‘Francois2019’ – Surprisily may just make it worth your while 😉

– François